Dyana Gutierrez

Dyana Gutierrez is a multifaceted professional with a passion for design, event coordination and creativity. With a dynamic career that has ranged from event planning and design to now stepping behind the scenes as a backstage coordinator assistant, Dyana has always sought to bring creativity and dedication to every role she undertakes. Dyana has been privileged to be part of some of life’s most significant moments, a role that she cherishes. Now, as an aspiring actress and content creator, she continues to explore and embrace new avenues for expression and communication. Beyond her professional endeavors, Dyana is an avid karaoke singer and has a keen interest in interior and floral design, reflecting her love for aesthetics and harmonious environments. She finds joy in spending quality time with her family, cherishing the bonds and memories they create together. With a style that’s both casual and professional, Dyana brings her unique blend of skills, passion, and personality to every project she undertakes. Whether she’s planning an event, creating content, or providing backstage coordinating assistance, her commitment to excellence and her love for her work shines through.